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At MedicFits, we believe everyone deserves great healthcare at every point of their lives - regardless of their backgrounds.

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Connected Healthcare


Chronic Disease


Clinic Management Solutions


Silvercare Solutions

For Individuals

We Are Reimagining Digital Healthcare

MedicFits works with esteemed healthcare professionals and everyday practitioners to develop innovative health programmes and consumer health solutions. We believe there is much untapped potential in digital healthcare and strive to bring those benefits to elevate the overall wellbeing of our users.

Solutions For Individuals

  • Chronic Disease Management

  • Health Vitals Monitoring & Sharing With Loved Ones

  • Telemedicine Services

  • Employee Benefits Solutions

  • Predictive-AI Health Alerts

  • SilverCare (Digital Eldercare)

  • Care Ambassadors

  • Outpatient Care Programmes

  • Clinic Matching

Doctor Examining Patient

For Doctors & Clinics

Building the Clinics of the Future

Through the development of robust clinic management solutions and digital tools, we help medical practitioners (and their clinics) elevate their quality of care. MedicFits creates an ecosystem that better connects doctors to their patients and builds trust and confidence from the first consultation. This is modern medicine, modernised.

Solutions For Clinics

  • Online Clinic Development

  • Patient Matching

  • Digital Patient Management Solutions

  • Telemedicine

  • Chronic Disease Management Programme

  • Websites & Appointment/Queue Booking Systems

Hand Massage

Chronic Disease
Management Programme

Minimise annual healthcare expenses attributed by having to live with chronic disease(s) with affordable monthly subscriptions. Monthly consultation and medication fees included from $15/month. 


Connected Healthcare Services & The MedicFits App

Predictive-AI health monitoring, on-demand teleconsultation, appointment management and mobile payments for health treatments - all from the accessibility of your pocket. That is the MedicFits App.

Launching Soon

Our Products

Offering Specialised Services For Your General Wellbeing


Enhanced SilverCare

With Singapore's aging population is set to rise at an alarming rate, we need to raise the bar in how we care for our seniors. Through the use of technology and strong partnerships, MedicFits is poised to revolutionise eldercare in the modern era.


Clinic Management Solutions

MedicFits strives to build a digital healthcare ecosystem that helps medical practitioners who want to go above and beyond for their patients. We build innovative clinic experiences that helps doctors better manage clinic resources and ultimately elevate patientcare.

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