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Why We Do, What We Do

We have a mission to transform digital healthcare and a vision to make healthcare even more convenient and accessible for all through technology.

Our Vision

Our Philosophy

Proactive Approach To Patient Care

At MedicFits we believe that as technology develops and becomes much more accessible to all, there will be greater opportunities for healthcare service providers to adopt innovative care models that will vastly improve the overall wellbeing of their patients.

Our Mission

"To actively prevent and minimise the impact of illnesses, and provide intuitive tools for healthy living."

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Corporate Information

Corporate Information

Our Parent Company

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MedicFits Private Limited is a subsidiary of Affinite Solutions Private Limited. Affinite Solutions is a technology & business advisory firm in Singapore focusing on helping its clients enhance their business models through technology - to stay relevant and achieve operational excellence.

Learn more about Affinite by visiting our website via the link below.

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