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For Doctors

Extensive digitalisation solutions for

enhanced patient care.

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Healthcare With The Digital Edge

Improve Patients Engagement

Improve the quality of your treatments by monitoring your patients' health remotely. This ensures patients satisfaction and will turn them into long-term customers.

Digitally Manage Patient Appointments

Through MedicFits' proprietary Telemedicine service and streamlining patients' consultation visit, doctors' time and resources can be put to better use to treat more severe illnesses. A digital queue management system will also help manage crowds at clinics, preventing the spread of contagious illnesses.


Medicfits Empowers Your Clinic

Digitalise your Clinic Processes
Personalised Telemedicine
Better Patient
Extend your digital outreach with MedicFits
Doctor and Patient

Take Control of your Appointments

With Medicfits

MedicFits Telemedicine App

Access a new dimension to medical consultations

Telemedicine and e-consultations allows healthcare providers, doctors and even outpatient services to be carried out remotely - without the constraints and inconveniences of long wait times and queues at clinics and hospitals.

Such services not only allow doctors to better manage the treatment and progress of their patients but also provides better flexibility and comfort.

Reach a MedicFits consultant to learn more!

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