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Smart Phone Call
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Consult your preferred doctor from anywhere at a time that suits you.


Telemedicine Reimagined

Telemedicine adds a whole new dimension to traditional doctor consultations. Through e-consultations via video calls, doctors are able to diagnose and treat common illnesses (including outpatient services) as effectively as physical consultations.


Save Travelling Time & Costs

Save time and money by letting the doctor come to you through your digital devices, all in the comfort of your own home.

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Decrease Waiting Time at Clinics

No more queuing and waiting at clinics. Get immediate medical advice with a click of a button.


More Healthcare Options

Gain access to a variety of clinics and doctor options that are further away from you. Distance will no longer be a factor when deciding which doctor is best for you.

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The MedicFits App

Access a new dimension to medical consultations

Telemedicine and e-consultations allows healthcare providers, doctors and even outpatient services to be carried out remotely - without the constraints and inconveniences of long wait times and queues at clinics and hospitals.

Such services not only allow doctors to better manage the treatment and progress of their patients but also provides better flexibility and comfort.

Reach a MedicFits consultant to learn more!

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